Project developpement

What tasks have been completed, and what tasks remain ?

At this state, I almost finished my documentation of the previous weeks ! Then I can completly focus myself on the finish of my final project ! During the Output I have made the electronic board using an ESP8266 that I will use for my final project ! I just need to add a transistor in order to control a laser

During the Networking and communications I worked on the communication beetwen an webpage and a esp8266 connected on the same network and using websocket event. I just need to improve the javascript code in order to have something more efficient.

During the Interface and Application programming I have made the interface in HTML and CSS. The information will come from here and go to the esp through the websocket communication.

I started to work on a design for the boxes but I steel need to improve it !

What has worked? what hasn't ?

For now most of the thing that I tried worked pretty well ! But at the very start of my project I have started to test some thing using galvanomotors and the results was not very good...

In the list that I have made the above evry thing worked but with some slight :

About the board that I have made using the esp8266 everything worked well at the first try ! But before that I tried to do a board using an ESP32 but the board doesn't work... The only thing that didn't work on my esp8266 was a part using NPN transistor in order to boost a 3V3 PWM into a 5V PWM but after some test I saw that my servo motors worked well using 3V PWM !

About the networking, I success to make the communication that I wanted with a very basic interface and my servo motor. The only hing that was not perfect was the optimisation of my javascript but Madjid (another fabacademy student) helped me to make it better !

For the interface everything worked very well !! And I'm even able to store the data of the differents positions of my boxes into the cache of the navigator !

For the design of the box I'm still in the theorical part but it should'nt have problem for a basic 3D printing.

What questions need to be resolved?

The main question that need to be resolved is about my servo motor. Will they be enough strong to carry a laser and move quickly ?

In order to solve this question I only need to test it. In case of probleme I will try to use more little and lighter laser diode.

The second question that need to be resolved is about the reliability of the system. Will it be enough reliable in order to use for a show ?

Again, I need to test the all system in condition in order to solve this question. But I think that is a prototype and even if it is not 100% reliable I will be able to improve the project in the future using better components.

what will happen when ?

For now I have two prototype of the board working, I just need to add the transistor in order to control my lasers. Then during the next week I need to :

  • Print 4 case
  • Machine 4 boards
  • Sold 4 boards
  • Program 4 boards
It seems to be a lot of thing in a week but I know that my interface work, my communication protocole is good and the first test of my printing are good ! Also my boards are functional and the only thing that could be a lostof time is some milling problem...

what have you learned ?

I have learn so much thing that is hard to say.

Basically, the most important thing that I have learn for now by working on my project are the part of the interface and the communication. I find this technology so powerful and useful !! But I think that without counting the technical aspects, one thing really great is about the project management the way that I thinked my project at the start of the formation and now I'm almost able to use it is incredible !! Now, I have the feeling that with some motivation and spiral developpement everything is possible !!