Thinking about my final project

Marking and recreate spaces with lasers and mirrors

My name is Leo, I’m a very passionated person who loves making things by himself ! I’m also a musician and very interested by architecture. In order to combine this both things in a final project i got the idea to make a dynamic system of scenography.

The Idea is to be able to create a space with lasers and mirrors. The project will be composed by lasers mounted on servo-motor / or step-by-step motor and mirrors mounted on the same device. In the actual configuration that I have imagined, 4 mirrors will be mounted on 4 rod and and placed on the 4 corners of a rectangle. The lasers (IDK yet the exact number) will be placed at different places. All of this setup will be controlled by electronic boards and each l asers will be able to aim a mirror (and save it position), and the mirrors will be able to reflect laser on at least one other mirror.

Different levels of my project :

  • In a first time i want to be able to control the direction of my lasers and my mirrors
  • Afterwards try to create subspace or mark a space with the game of laser and mirrors (only with lines). Also be able to control “beat” with a tap tempo/tap rhythm and chose between different pattern in live. → There is a lot of thing to do with this part.
  • At last, i want to be able to create continue surface by doing laser high frequency sweeping. And the be able to model things in 3D.

I put certain constraints to my project :

  • Be entirely modular.
  • The furniture can be taken apart
  • The more economics as possible

Some first sketch of my project :

See you later space cowboy