Football Buoy

The Triangle Game is a simple passing game around three bottles in a triangular position. The aim is to pass the ball between gaps, with only two touches of the ball. A player cannot go through the same gap twice in a row. If either player knocks over bottle while playing, the opponent gains a point.

My final project is a buoy which replaces the bottles with an object that can right itself and 'alerts' the players when a point has been scored.

Inspiration Football Training

The prototype is based on a video by Shamrock Rovers, a football team in Ireland's premier division. The video is part of an initiative (Football Loves Us) to encourage young people to play more football, in the street, in the park or anywhere.

Concept The Buoys

My concept is to replace the bottles with 'buoys' that right themselves when pushed over. I would like the buoys embedded with sensors so that players (and spectators) can keep track of the scoreline. The sensors would also give visual feedback using lights, indicating a fault or a point scored. You can read more on my concept in week 1.

Assembly Early Threads

Early on, I planned to create the relevant parts of the buoy using 3D printing. These parts would need to be assembled with an access point for electronics. For this I explored using threads in week 6.

Interaction The Logic

There would need to be communication between the buoys, perhaps by means of a network, to indicate the status of the game (in play, stopped, restarted) and the movement of the ball (when interacts with other buoys). I've sought to work out the logic for the game which could feature three buoys fitted with sensors. To do this, I've used the loose logic of an if/else statement. You can read more on my concept in week 9.

Material Options 1 Cardboard

As the project progressed, I considered different materials for the project. I discuss simple cardboard protoypes and alternative materials in week 14.

Material Options 2 Silicone Molds

I worked on a potential mold for a cone-shaped top during week 15.

Scope & Cost Bill Of Materials

I worked out the material cost of my final project and the steps to be completed during week 18.

Final Prototype (1 of 3) 3D Modelling + Test Prints + Breadboard

I started my final prototype during week 19.

Final Prototype (2 of 3) PCB Board + Final Print + Molding/Casting

The final prototype progressed in week 20.

Final Prototype (3 of 3) Integration

The final prototype are discussed on the final week page.

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