Welcome to my FabAcademy portfolio

This year I will be participating in the FabAcademy2018 and my progress will be documented on this website. Besides weekly assignments, all obtained skills will be combined in a final project. Feel free to look around, check out my assignments (completed as well as those still in progress) or contact me via the about page if you have any questions.


Personal Website

Work throught a git tutorial and build a personal site in the class archive describing you, your work on saaigments and your final project.

Computer Aided Design

Model different 2D designs, designing objects in 3D, difference between subtractive and additive manufacturing. .

Computer-Controlled Cutting

Designing objects in 3D, difference between subtractive and additive manufacturing.

Electronics Production

This week's assignment is about manufacturing an electronic circuit board, soldering components to it and programming it. In the end we should end up with an ISP programmer.

3D Scanning & Printing

Print your 3D designs and try scanning 3D objects.

Electronics Design

Design a PCB in a software and build it.

Computer Controlled Machining

Making something BIG

Embedded Programming

Program a board using different programming languages and environments.

Molding and Casting

Design a 3D mold, mill it, and use it to cast parts.

Input Devices

Add an input device to a micro controller board, read the input.

Output Devices

Add an output device to a micro controller board, program the output.

Networking and Communications

Design and build a network connection.

Interface and Application Programming

Develop an application that interfaces with I/O device.

Mechanical & Machine Design

Design and produce a machine that includes mechanism, action and automation


Design and produce something with a digital fabrication process not covered in another assignment.

Applications and Implications

Plan your final project.

Invention, intellectual property, and income

Dissemination of your final Project