Course introduction and personal background:

Hello to one and all, Hola a todos, my name is Dominic Moore. I am 33 year old English guy who has been living here in Barcelona some years...
Up until recently I have been teaching English as a foreign language, but I am now embarking on this new journey here at fablab studying at the fab-academy Barcelona.

Course Outline

Most excited and enthusiastic about being here at the Fablab Academy in Barcelona. I aim to develop a deeper understanding and gain greater awareness of 3D design principles, processes and advanced manufacturing techniques. By delving myself into the immensely expansive world of digital fabrication - designing, prototyping and making. Throughout this course I will be totally engaged and engrossed in the following areas....

Networking, Web development and HTML skills, Computer aided design and content creation using powerful 2D and 3D digital design software. CNC cutting and forming tools and machines such as laser cutters and large format milling machines and vinyl cutters. 3D Printing and scanning technologies. Electronic circuit design and pcb production, use of embedded technologies and programming of micro-processors for control and automation use and understanding of various Input and Output devices. I will be involved in mechanical design and machine fabrication. Studying mouldings, castings and composites. Designing applications and interfaces and networking modules... We will be immersed with all manner of modern manufacturing prototyping and production techniques. With continual experimentation and progress toward a final project. An idea that reflects upon each of these areas of study and exploration. I thoroughly look forward to expanding my knowledge whilst exploring and implementing many new techniques and skills as this course progresses.

Bio - A little about me

After completion of a Product and Furniture design degree at DeMontfort university In Leicester a while back in 2005, I have since had experience as a CNC operator and factory metal-worker, worked in the construction trade, in a framing and printing and art dealership, I have done some networking and IT for schools. And I have spent several years more recently teaching English as a Foreign Language full-time to all manner of students both in the UK and here in Spain.
I have also enjoyed my fair share of foreign adventures and cultural immersion and have gained many insights and much inspiration in life from my travels abroad. Particularly my time spent in South America and also a recent excursion to India. I am now really excited to be making a return to the world of designer maker, and feel very lucky to have the opportunity to be studying and participating here at FabAcademy. I aim to build upon my prior experience in Art, Product and Furniture Design and manufacturing. I hope to find new directions and explore future possibilities for work opportunities and further meaningful engagement in these areas.

I dream of making a positive difference and some impact in the way we think about, design produce and utilize technology and products of the future. I endeavour that we can fundamentally change the way we look at things, and how we relate to this world! If we can increase our awareness toward our surroundings, our connections and our relationship toward nature and each other. Enabling us to become more intelligent and consciously conscientious. Living more harmoniously and symbiotically within our environment. A critical focus is needed on the relationships we make with products and materials we use, and their impact on our way of life.
Certainly there is a lot of scope for new ideas to effect big changes in many areas, and do a lot of good. I hope to see a lot more innovation and creative content combating ecological and environmental problems, or tackling humanitarian issues. I look forward to gaining first hand hands on experience and expertise in many advanced areas of design development here at Fablab BCN.

Please feel free to Contact me by email: Bits and Atoms MIT