Project Management

  • Build a personal site describing you and your final project.

  • Upload it to the class archive. Work through a git tutorial.

Learning outcomes:

  • Explore and use website development tools

  • Identify and utilise version control protocols

Have you:

  • made a website and described how you did it

  • introduced yourself

  • documented steps for uploading files to archive

  • pushed to the class archive


Is it OK to use someone else’s template to create my website?


  1. Yes - acknowledge other people’s work. Show you understand how the template works by describing/changing parts of it.

Can I store photos and files off the archive?


  1. No. Photos should be resized and compressed and stored in the archive. See General Essentials.
  2. The Global Evaluation team should be able to pull and then assess your work offline.

What size should my website be?


  1. In the order of tens of megabytes. Read the General Essentials, compress, resize, etc.