Embedded Networking and Communications

  • group project:

send a message between two projects

  • individual project:

design and build a wired &/or wireless network connecting at least two processors

Issue opened.

Networking needs to be more clearly defined here. Like expressing the need to have multiple controllers communicating using addressing.

Learning outcomes:

  • Demonstrate workflows used in network design

  • Implement and interpret networking protocols

Have you:

  • Described your project using words/images/diagrams/schematic screenshots.

  • Explained the programming process/es you used.

  • Outlined problems and how you fixed them

  • Included design files (or linked to where they are located) and original code


Can we use arduino/commercial boards for networking?


  1. You can not use Arduino or similar commercial microcontroller boards. You can use a commercial wireless module in your own PCB. For this week, you can use the original satcha-kit/fab-kit/fabduino.

Must each board have a unique identity?


  1. It does not have to be hard-coded but you must use some form of addressing.