# Fab Academy Media 🎬

# Inspiration

Get inspired with out campaign videos, and taste a bit of the Fab Academy experience!

This is Fab Academy (opens new window)

# Class Videos

Here, you can find all the weekly lectures and the global reviews.

Classes 2022 (opens new window)

Students Bootcamp 2022 (opens new window)

# Conferences & Events

Check what has happened in the past events of our Fab Lab Network

FAB16 & FAB CITY SUMMIT 2021 (opens new window)

FABXLive Simposyum 2020 (opens new window)

#FabDoesNotWait GlobalTalks 2020 (opens new window)

# Fun Stuff

A bit ouf laughter 😃

Assignments by Jon (opens new window)

Surviving Fab Academy by Fran (opens new window)

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