Apply to Fab Academy

Applications for Fab Academy 2020 cycle will start in September 2019.

If you are interested in getting acquainted with the applications and implications of digital fabrication, and joining the Fab Lab Network, please follow the Application Process.

Application Process

  1. Apply for the Fab Academy Diploma by filling out the online form.

  2. After you fill the online form, the lab/node you selected will review your profile and inform us about the results of the selection.

  3. If the lab/node approves your application, we (Central Coordination) will send you an Acceptance Letter with payment instructions.

  4. Before the program starts in mid-January, you must secure 70% of the Fab Academy fees in one or 2 payments.

Application Deadline

The deadline for Applications to Fab Academy 2020 is January 1st 2020.

Pased that deadline, we'll review potential applicants case by case, subject to place availability.

Classes start on January 29th 2020.

Contact Info

If you have any questions related to admissions to the Fab Academy, please contact the admissions office at: [email protected]

Learn more about Fab Academy:

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