Anna Aflalo

Fab Academy 2015 | Wgtn

- Kids game that teaches collaborative problem solving -
- Project Development webpage -
How does it work?
- Create a team of 2 to 4 players,
- Place the steel marble at the starting point of the maze,
- Swing the table in order to bring the marble to the center.

Kids will need to communicate and trust each other in order to succeed.

A lighting path will reinforce the interaction. LEDs and sensors will be spread all over the labyrinth. A red light will move over the maze. If the marble rolls on the red light, the LEDs will make a special animation and switch off: GAME OVER.

Table Overview
First layer - top:
800mm diameter
Maze & 47 copper rode switches

First layer - bottom:
Switches wires

Second layer:
800mm diameter
36 WS2812 LEDs, LEDs' wires, Babeduino & 9V battery

First Layer - Top
Maze carved: 15mm width, 8mm deep
LED holes: 6mm diameter
Switches holes: 1.2mm diameter

First Layer - Bottom
Circle carved: 1.5mm deep
Carving will be done around the LED positions

Second Layer
LED locations carved: 20.2mm diameter, 5mm deep (need to be tested)
Wire location carved: 4mm width (for 3wires), 5mm deep (need to be tested)
Babeduino location carved: 50x50mm square, 7mm deep (need to be tested)

Electronic Overview
Every LED will be surrounded by at least two switches. That way we'll be able to track the marble and know when it has rolled over an LED.
WS2812 LED traces and board. You'll find the schematic and the board here.
Sketch - WS2812 LEDs strip
Program demo

Table design files
- Illustrator file: different layers have been used
- .dwg file
- Partworks file

Electronic files
- LED board: schematic, board, .png traces, .png board, Illustrator file
AI files using layers | With Illustrator my traces were way thiner, careful
- Matrix breakout board: .png traces, .png board
- Power breakout board: .png traces, .png board

Programming files
- WS2812 LEDs strip program test
- One LED and one program test
- Final program (need to be fixed)

Un grand MERCI
Thank you Fab Lab Wgtn team:
Wendy Neale for your wisdom, humour and always good advice
Stuart Foster for your crazy ideas, support and for helping look for my lost marbles
Craig Hobern for your patience, happiness and unbelievable teaching skills
Those few months were just amazing and that's thank to you. I'm so grateful.

Francisco Sanchez from Beach Lab Sitges, Spain, for your weekly constructive feedbacks and early awakenings!

Thank you Fab Lab Wgtn Community:
Shannon, Garth, Devon and especially Philip for your time and very helpful electronic advice!

Thank you 3D Workshop team - Massey University:
Uli and Gus for your time, patience and always useful technical tips.

I also wanted to thank the Fab Academy students team just for being so gorgeous. It wouldn't have been that fun without you: Ben Matthes, Bridget McKendry, Bry Ashman, Craig Hobern, Daniel Harmsworth, Geoffrey Desborough, Jasmin Cheng, Zenna Fiscella.
Big ups to Bry and Daniel for sharing your incredible knowledge and experience with us!
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