Mid Term Review

:sparkles: Updated for 2022 evaluation standards!

Prepare for global evaluation by having your Instructor review your preceding assignments and final project site

Learning outcomes

  • Assess progress in the documentation of preceding assignments
  • Communicate your final project proposal and progress

Have you answered these questions?

  • Show progress in documenting the assignments:

    • principles and practices
    • project management
    • computer-aided design computer-controlled cutting
    • electronics production
    • 3D scanning and printing
    • electronics design
    • computer-controlled machining
    • embedded programming
    • molding and casting
    • output devices
    • mechanical design & machine design
  • Show progress on your final project idea/s and planning


Why is this necessary?

Answer: This is a necessary step for your Instructor and yourself to assess your general progress and your chances to graduate in the June cutoff.

What happens if I don't "pass"?

Answer: The Mid Term is a review rather than an assessment, it will give you an indication of the state of your work and what you need to do to graduate in the June cutoff.

How do I communicate my final project proposal and progress?

Answer: Any way you want, maybe you could name the modules / technologies you are going to use for your final project.

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