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8. Computer controlled machining

Hot Rod II Bass Body

CNC Machining at its best on this project to make the body of the Hot Rod II Bass for our friends ove at Dedelevve. Below the 3d Model of the Bass Body


Carefully choosing the Stock made of 100% OAK wood appropriately dried. Picking the right part of the stock for the machining


Leveling the CNC Machine Adjusting Z axis accordingly Attaching the stock


Draft Machining 5m/min at 19000 Maximum speed 1m/min at 27000 Attention to the bridges so the body will remain at place

Really Deep Machining Total machining time: 3 hours Ready for post-processing

Final Piece

Final assembled Hot Rod II Bass –> Hot Rod Final

CNC Milling Workflow Tutorial

Last update: March 2, 2021