11. Applications and Implications

This week is an interesting week, where I would explain about project, in brief by answering following questions…

The Some Important Criteria for the Final Project....

This Project consist of :

  • [✔] 2D and 3D design.

  • [✔] Additive and subtractive fabrication processes.

  • [✔] Electronics design and production.

  • [✔] Microcontroller interfacing and programming.

  • [✔] System integration and packaging.

The Question to Answer

  • [✔] What will it do?

  • [✔] Who’s done what beforehand?

  • [✔] What will you design?

  • [✔] What materials and components will be used?

  • [✔] Where will come from?

  • [x] How much will they cost?

  • [✔] What parts and systems will be made?

  • [✔] What processes will be used?

  • [✔] What questions need to be answered?

  • [✔] How will it be evaluated?

What Will it Do?

Basically, it is a foot washing machine. Which can clean the foot, in a faster manner, in a easier way, with minimal usage of water.... Moreover, It also has a foot drier.. which was dry your foot in a instant......

I think with this foot drying method, many memebers will be not scolded from there Mom for wetting the floor.

Moreover, it protects your family members, & friends by removing the parasitic, viral , bacteria carriers from your foot.

Who’s done what beforehand?

Many commercial people has done it beforehand… but there machine can only wash the feet..

These are the photos, which I obtained from my research...... of foot waasher....

But these machine, don’t have foot drier, it is place in a specific location.. and my machine has some extra features which can attract people.......

What will you design?

As this machine is new to this world moreover I am building form my mind… hence, I need to work more on design…

so, The parts which are going to be designed by myself are (As, I am a very basic beginner,in designing and construction of machincal parts, I need some suggestion from my instructors while building it.. hence for now I just generalise the parts which should be designed, later I will mention about the designed parts in a very clear manner):

  • Outter Case..

  • Water collecting tray…

  • The Housing for the DC fans…

  • Filter

(It will be mentioned very clear in coming days)

What materials and components will be used?

The Materials and Components used in this projects

* Electronic Component

* OUTPUT Devices
  1. DC Gear Motor (12V)

  2. DC PC fan (5V)

  3. Motor Driver

  4. Water Pump

  5. Ac to Dc Power Supplier of 12V

* INPUT Devices
  1. Ultra Sonic Sensor

  2. Potentiometer

  3. Button switch

  4. Push button switch

  5. Relay Board

* Mechanical Components

  1. Axle

  2. Pipe

* Other Components

  1. Round Bursh

  2. For the filter, (Acrylic sheet)

So, Far these are the material, I need to buy is round bursh, Pipe......

Where will come from?

This is very ambitious question, Right now due to ” CORONA attack “. Mostly, I try to get from online. If I don’t have Mechanical Components no worrys, I would try to get from my dad’s factory. but,I don’t have a idea, where I would get round brush.......

How much will they cost?

--------------------------------------- Still NOT yet estimated ---------------------------------------

What parts and systems will be made?

As, I mentioned, as per my visualization,

  • I need to make a outter case..

  • Water filter

  • Water collector

  • A support for the Brush to rotate.

  • Housing for the fan…

  • Micro-controller..

The Work-Process

  1. Pencil Sketching of the Symatic

  2. For Designing the Outter Case, Housing(DC fan), water filter, water collecting tray, etc

    • SolidWorks

    • For Designing the PCB’s

      • Ki-cad
    • Then the electronics production, which consist of :

      • Milling
      • Soldering

      • Constructing/Assembling (for this I will take help from the machine, Like Laser cutter, Router, 3D printer , vinyl cutter).

        1. For Programing (Trying in different programing languages)

          • Arduino
          • C (Try)
          • Python (Try)
          • Assembly (Try)

          • Trial run

            1. Debugging for any issuse…

            2. Completion of Project…

Hence, This the Workflow.

What questions need to be answered?

  • What Material could, I use for the outter case....

  • Which machining process, should I use to get the better outter-case (water proof)..

How will it be evaluated?