About me

I’m Juliette and I’m doing my last year of an engineering school in Lyon (France).

My school is "generalist", which means that we study a little of everything : mechanics, electronics, computing, automation, economics, humanities, etc ...
I am currently doing my third year at the Technical University of Vienna (Austria) as an erasmus student. Having a lot of free time, I decided to participate in the 2015 program Fabacademy in the Happylab of Vienna.


Why this program?

I discovered the world of fablabs during an advanced course at the educational fablab of my school and I immediately found what I was looking for : a way to combine all the things I had learned to create something.
Working in a fablab is exactly what I imagined an engineer is when I was young and that's why I commenced my engineering studies. I am now very happy to have found something that I really like, without having to specialize only in one field.

To contact me : juliette.koch@hotmail.fr