Hi. I'm Youssef BOUALI.

I'm very excited to be part of the Fab Academy 2015

Learn about me

Here's all the stuff I do

  • After I graduated in Business Administration in 2003 at the AL AKHAWAYN University (Ifrane - Morocco) and an exchange program at the George Washington University (USA), in January 2005 I completed a Masters degree in e-Business Management at the University of Salento in Italy.

  • Starting from February 2005, and for 8 years, I worked for the ISUFI - Business Innovation Center in charge of e-Business and e-Learning projects. In 2012 I launched an Offshoring IT service company in Morocco, and since 2013 I deal with technology entrepreneurship, open innovation, Collective Intelligence, and Internet of Things in collaboration with the Technology District of the Puglia region in Italy - DHITECH Scarl.

  • Actually I am leading the foundation of a Fab Lab inside the Innovation Hub of Brindisi along with a Co-working and Startup Accelerator.

My Project Proposal

The Project:

Modular Home Hydroponic system is a new kind of user friendly scalable hydroponic systems. It allows people to grow plants in intelligent pots that have nice and modular design, and which health is continuously monitored in order to grow in optimal conditions.

The problem or inspiration:

In the past years, I have observed my wife dealing with many difficulties related to growing plants inside our house. Part of the problems were related to frequency and quantity of watering, single pots placed over various home objects which made the house somehow looking bad, and the problem of taking care of plants when we were away for holidays, etc.
While reflecting about the problem I started questioning: Why can’t we have intelligent pots that monitor and tell us the necessary information about each specific Pot/plant? Why can’t we have nice modular pots that each user can compose and place in his house according to his preferences and requirements? Why can’t we have a pot that waters automatically the plants? read more...

Weekly Modules & Assignments.

Week 3

Computer-Controlled Cutting

Week 5

3D Scanning and Printing

Week 8

Computer-Controlled Machining

Week 14

Interface and Application Programming

Week 16

Mechanical Design, Machine Design

Week 17

Invention, Intellectual Property, and Income