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design files

In this week assignment I'm going to mill and fix the component on a board based on the hello.arduino one. In my case I played a little bit adding all pin out to my own microcontroller. The design has been made with Eagle. All components that I need are in the Adafruit and Fab library that we add to the Eagle basic one.
This time we are adding a lot of nice components like a button that will controll the connection of the LED with the VCC. To do the board the next step is again use the Rolan Modela in order to mill the board. The steps are always the same: in Eagle save as PNG the image of the circuit on monochrome with a resolution of 500px. Than in photoshop generate the two files for the traces and interior.
Again use the modela usign the tool 1/64 for traces and 1/32 for interior. Once all is ready start to put the components. Once the components are there check the connection with a multimeter and ready to play with the ISP to run the bootloader.

step 01 - eagle
selecting the components

step 02 - eagle
drawing the connections

step 03 - milling
creating the board

step 04 - milling
completed board

step 05 - board
final board