tools: rhino grasshopper3d + anemone
credits: rese arch + noumena

design files

For this week I decided to explore a bit looping systems.
I'm really interested in modular systems so I decided to draw a design's strategy based on repeated actions that generate one singular object made out of differnets components.
Once I obtained my object I focused on the study of an optimal joinery system that implements the used of the laser cut.
I came out with one module that has different faces that are threated differently. One is a male and the other a female join.

phase 01 - computational method

phase 02 - computational method
parametric pyramid exploded

phase 03 - computational method
joinery system between faces

phase 04 - computational method
connection between pyramids

phase 05 - computational method
connection between pyramids

phase 06 - phisical model
laser cutted pyramid