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9. Embedded programming

Group Assignment:

  • Compare the performance and development workflows for different microcontroller families

There are many microcontroller families such as LOGIC, Megaprocessor, 8051, PIC, MSP, AVR, ARM, Xtensa, RISC-V, PSoC, xCORE, Propeller, Lattice, NVIDIA and so on.

The Performance and Development Workflows for different microcontroller families

  1. micro.bit
    In our school, we should let our junior students to build up the basic knowledge on logic training for junior secondary students before learning different programming languages in senior secondary levels.

Therefore, we would use School-based Computer Curriculum for micro.bit as above photos to attempt the obvious outcomes of programming easily for all beginners. Why should the students to learn micro.bit???

Only 5 Simple Steps can be followed to show the outcomes by using the website resources for makecode.

Step 1
Go to the Website for makecode.microbit and Create a New File

Step 2
Select "On Start" or "Forever" (Red) and Show the Outcomes immediately (Blue)
Just Click the boxes which you choose to Design your own Figure

Step 3 Download the File from the Website

Step 4 Connect the micro.bit with the computer as Plugin a USB

Step 5 Copy the download micro.bit file into MICROBIT drive

Outcomes "A Figure for Heart" shown on micro.bit Figure Design (Blue) Immediate Display shown on Website (Yellow)
Real Micro.bit Display (Red)

  1. Arduino IDE
    First, going to download Arduino IDE.

For the begining to use Arduino, it don't install any ATtiny chips. Therefore, it need to download from unofficial list of 3rd party board --> search ATtiny and copy the link into the Additional Boards Manager URLs. Here is the step.

After that, going to Tool --> Board:"Arduino Uno" --> Boards Manager --> search ATtiny --> click install.

After the installation, select the correct Board, Processor, Clock and Programmer that you use. For me, I select:
Board: ATtiny25/45/85
Processor: ATtiny85
Clock: Internal 16MHz
Programmer: USBtinyISP

BE CAREFULL!!! For pluging the cable

Last update: July 3, 2021