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6. 3D Scanning and printing

Group assignment

1. Test the design rules for your printer(s)
2. Document your work and explain what are the limits of your printer(s) (in a group or individually)

For our lab, our 3D Printer is 86Duino Enjoy Auto from Taiwan. It is a Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) 3D Printer. It means increase the temperature for dissolving the materials. After that, material deposited in layers to create a 3D printed object, just like extruding the cream layer by layer on top of the cake. This printer is able to print 50 files automatically and continuously. Finally, when finished 1 printing, the 3D object and the plate will fill into the collection box. It is good for printing lots of object in a short time, such as, souvenir.

For this printer, we use 1.75mm (diameter) PLA as a filament. 86Duino is provide in various colors.

_The Design Rules for our 3D Printer (86Duino Enjoy)**

All the Design Rules were printed in one Plane

Rule 1 Add Support

Rule 2 Clearances

Rule 3 Angle

Rule 4 Unsupported Overhag

Rule 5 Bridging

Rule 6 Infill

Rule 7 Overhag

Rule 8 Anisotropy

Rule 9 Surface Finish

Rule 10 Dimensions

Use the Caliper for Calibration to measure the Errors of each Side:
- Outer Length

- Inner Length

- Height

The Limits of this Printer - Size of the Product - Limited Time for running of this Printer - Materials used for Printing as soon as possible - Avoid Damping for Materials used
- Appropriate Temperature for printing

Last update: July 3, 2021