Applications and Implications

Applications and Implications

By Saheen Palayi | 21 May 2021 | FAB Academy 2021

week 16 assignment is to Propose a final project masterpiece that integrates the range of units covered, answering:

And the requirements that must meet my project are also given in the assignment

My project should incorporate 2D and 3D design, additive and subtractive fabrication processes, electronics design and production, embedded microcontroller interfacing and programming, system integration and packaging

Where possible, I should make rather than buy the parts of my project

Projects can be separate or joint, but need to show my individual mastery of the skills, and be independently operable


This week doesn't have any practical assignments related to machines. Those days are over. I already decided what to do for final project in the first week.checkout my week 1 and project page to know more about the I'm gonna answer all the questions in the assignment through my final project findings

What will it do?

So as I says in the project page.It shows the current subject or event on the main split flap display segment which is already scheduled. Then the following two segments will shows the upcoming events or subject as per the schedule. And also added a 4 digit clock to show the time. there will be an app which used to control the flip table and also can schedule or reschedule the events which is written on the split flap displays

Who's done what beforehand

This idea came to me while I was looking for an idea for a final project during my diploma course.No body done this yet,I searched over the internet. But the split flap displays are available and those are very common in airports,railway stations bus stations etc... But nowadays split flap displays are replacing with new LED Displays

What will I design?

So I'm gonna design this project as an IoT (Internet of Thing) Product which we can connect tot a network and control or automate anywhere in the world.along with the Hardware also creating a User Interface application

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