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Final Project

Ideation and first sketches of the Sleep Apnoea Monitor Device/App

Sleep apnoea is a potentially serious sleep disorder in which breathing repeatedly stops and starts. If you snore loudly and feel tired even after a full night's sleep, you might have sleep apnoea.
I had sleep apnoea when I was over weight due to too much alcohol intake. Once I stopped drinking four years ago I lost 20 kilos and the sleep apnoea went away.
My good friend Rachel has sleep apnoea too and she is using a breathing machine. She has lost weight and is very fit but is afraid to stop using the machine because she does not know if she still has sleep apnoea or not.
Together we thought that it would be good to have some comfortable wearable tech that monitors your O2 levels, sleeping position and heart rate. When O2 and/or heart rate becomes an issue the device wakes you up. It also could send data to an mobile app for monitoring sleep over a longer period of time. This would be particular helpful for people loosing weight and gaining fitness from exercising.
Sleep position is key, laying on the back will make the tongue fall back on the airways and cause snoring and sleep apnoea. The device is monitoring the position via a gyrometer and wakes the person up via an alarm or vibrations so that they can correct their sleeping position and lay on their belly or side.

Fig.1 - A gyrometer is monitoring the sleeping position.
Fig.2 - wearable tech mointoring oxygen levels and heart rate. Sending data wireless to a mobile app.

Last update: January 31/01/2021

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