About me

Hi there, I'm Hyejin. Nice to meet you all. I'm from South Korea, but now I'm in Amsterdam taking the Fab Academy course here. I studied Electrical Engineering at university, but I was never into it. After graduating, I learned how to code and started working as a web developer. Later, I got interested in mobile development and web design as well.

I worked as a programmer for about 3 years in Australia, Japan and Korea. And I've lived in Vancouver, Chemnitz (Germany), San Francisco before. Sometimes people ask me where is my favourite city and I always answer that I like every city for a different reason ;) Now, I'm living in Amsterdam to take this course, and I already fell in love with this city for a new reason. I should've enjoyed the city more before this course started…

Why Fab Academy?

In addition to making websites and mobile apps, I also enjoy making real, tangible stuff. In my free time, I do woodworking, take pottery classes, and draw on paper or iPad. I also got into Arduino and Raspberry Pi. One time, I got an award from a Korean government for a smart mirror I made with the Raspberry Pi. Even though it was fun, I felt very limited in my knowledge and ability. I wanted to broaden my making skills to make more complicated things. That's why I decided to take this course.