about myself

Rania Zarandah an electrical engineer graduated from Qatar University in 2017, and currently working as Fabrication engineer in QBIC Fablab. Passionate about 3D design, medical technology, and machine learning algorithms. IEEE graduate member and have a publication in ECG analysis using artificial neural network and machine learning algorithms

QBIC Fab Lab is a member in the Fab foundation, and it is based in an entrepreneurs incubation center. The main goal of QBIC Fab Lab is to help entrepreneurs in protityping their products, and help them through product validation process.

Fab Academy Project

A 3D scanning set for the handheld 3D scanner. A robotic arm will be attached to a circular field to control the rotation of the 3D scanner around the object automatically using a remote control. The objective of this project is to help patients with limb loss to scan their limbs and fabricate for them an artifical limb that has similar characteristics to their old limb. The objective of this project is:

Portobal 3D Scannin set

I am aiming to make the 3D scanning set more portable, to be able to move it wherever you want

Scan Syrian Refugees Body's Limbs

The set-up is going to be used capture arm scans of the syrian refugees in Jordan and Turkey

Artificial Limbs

The captured scans are going to be used in producing artificial limbs for these refuges

Cheap Option

The main objective is to make the 3D scanning set, cheap and effective compared to the in market products


Every week a new assignments will be added

Principles and Practices

Week 1

Project Management

Week 2

Computer-aided Design

Week 3

Computer-Controlled Cutting

Week 4

Electronics Production

Week 5

3D Scanning and Printing

Week 6

Electronics Design

Week 7

Computer-Controlled Machining

Week 8

Contact Me

If you want to know more about me or about my project you can contact me through the followings:

00974 33603380

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