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Make a ~1 minute (10MB/1080p/720p) video of me explaining the project.

Make a slide: 1920 x 1080 pixels with project name, Fab Lab name, a photo/render/sketch of your project, a brief description of what your project is/does.

Make a separate Final Project page that briefly summarises my project and include the BOM (Bill of Materials) for the project.


In many countries around the world, sometimes when we visit to the supermarket, we find a small inconvenience when want to pay, if the day that we go shopping corresponds to a discounts season, payment day, weekends, holidays, etc., it is complicated!!. The time lost while we wait in the queue is around 40 minutes to 2 or more hours approximately. So, using digital revolutions technologies like digital fabrication I have identified and propoused to develop a solution for the people that could avoid the stress for waiting the payment with a simple system that let the people do this activity faster and without losing time


The solution to the problem is to create a system that makes the invoicing of purchases immediately, with an RFID product scanning system a database will be consulted all the information required of the products to create an invoice, the invoice is shown in the screen of an App developed for Android devices, this is complemented by the development of a shopping car where all the tools of digital manufacturing have been used in its manufacture.

A prototype or project is born mainly from an idea, for this reason is that when starting the program FabAcademy had another initial idea to develop as a final project, which is detailed in the following sketch that I drew.

As the program progressed and I acquired new skills, I was improving the initial idea of the final project, using creativity and a little imagination I came up with the design of the structure of the shopping car, I did not want something conventional, but something new and different , then with the outline of a swan I wanted to create the design of the structure of the shopping cart.

I was also able to identify the elements that intervene in the automatic charging system, such as bluetooth communication, the radio frequency system, the microcontroller to be used.

Below I share some sketch of the operation diagram of Easy Buyer and the trademark


Here, I share the list of material that I will use to develop the final project


Link from this page to any weeks that I worked on the final project

Within the activities of the final project, the only activity that was carried out as a weekly activity, is the development of molds and foundries, where I made the digital manufacturing of the wheels of the shopping car, then machining foam and then using flexible plastic fibers for the creation of molds and finally the creation of the final models in plastic material.

If you want more information on the topic of foundries and molds, you can visit the activity carried out

Include all the original design files in the archive (2D - 3D, board files - code). No external hosting of final project files - discuss file sizes with the instructor

Here, I share all the original files corresponding to the final project FINAL PROJECT FILES

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