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Jose G. Acosta A.

Thanks to visit my student home page, designed to FabAcademy 2018 Program, which I'm taking in FabLab Yachay in Centro de Emprendimiento Innopolis

I am a 33 year old mechatronic engineer who lives in Ibarra - Ecuador. the province of imbabura has a large number of artisans in the area of leather, textile works, molds of figures in stone, handmade wooden furniture, and a great multiculturalism, which unfortunately has no access to technology. I work at FabLab Yachay in Urcuquí which is located 30 minutes from Ibarra, it is very exciting to work in a digital manufacturing laboratory, every day is a great challenge to help people by allowing them access to digital manufacturing activities and prototyping, that's why I'm studying FabAcademy, in this edition to learn from experiences and improve my scientific-technical skills, I always try to develop my own ideas and sharing them with others.
I am always researching technological advances and developing prototypes that can serve the community as well as transfer my knowledge and receive from others, in order to promote a culture of knowledge.

I have also put up some assigments page to track my ideas in general.

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