Zahrah Al-Yahyaee


Hello World! My name is Zahrah AlYahyaee, and I can't tell how proud I am to be part of The Fab Academy 2018 my background in creative education and I’m interested in educational board games which brought me to learn and keep learning innovative design skills and programs.

Finished BA in English Education from

UAE University

MA in Creative Education from

Universtiy of Salford / UK

My lab

I discovered FabLab community during my time for seeking a job!! But who can resist the opportunity to just paly around such fabulous digital labs and workshops over there?! Not me of curse!! I’m so glad and thankful for such a fantastic opportunity and experiences ever!!

The instructor is Wendy and the group I learn with are: Abdulla, Aida, Carl, Darshan, Salama, Zubair and Me “Zahrah”. We got a long very well with each other, I describe our group as a dynamic group; who’s loving to share the experience, knowledge, providing hand when needed too! They all work as a team in the fablab of Dubai.

Final Project

Board game for teachers to help them in the assessment of students' understanding at the end of the lesson