Final Project...

I changed my final project idea into a coffee tabel So, kindly vitsit Final Project for more details..

Challenge Me Board Game !

"A board game for teachers" for assessing students as they play!

- Why I chose to create educational board game for my final project? -

The first reason of choosing to create a board game for the final project, because me as an ex English teacher, I experienced the importance of integrating the entertainment in learning even more than integrating the technology by itself!

And if students enjoying the learning process, as much as they are welling to learn more.Thus, I believe that “game-based learning” strategy is something teachers should not be ignore with all level of school from KG-12

not mentioning the importance of the games in building and improving such skills like critical thinking, problem solving, group work, reinforcement and engagement skills and much more of course. So, for these reasons I chose the idea of the educational board game.

- How this board game will help teachers in teaching process and students in learning process? -

- Teacher can add this game as a regular activity in the lesson plan.

- I will design the game and make it easy to be modified and that is by changing the topics or tasks on “task cards”.

- Teacher can use this game as an entry ticket, drawing student attention to the lesson’s topic or warm up at the beginning of the class.

- This game will help teacher in assessing student’s comprehension at the end of the lesson.

- The board game will add an educational value to students and add new flavor for using a non-digital game.

- Will allow the teacher to create the environment of “game- based learning”.

- Playing team games, letting students play in pairs and groups.

- Planning and creating steps -

1. Well, the first step was to think about the idea and skitch it, So I chose to go for an educational thing but in more interesting way as well as including the technology too.

2. After discussing the idea with our tutor, I came up with the final skitch.

3. I started to collect the materials to make a sample of the board game, so I can check the size and space of the elements. So you can see the skitch, discription of the elements and the proccess of making a sample of the board game.

- Open the image in new tab if its not clear for you. -