About Z A H R A H

Zahrah AlYahyaee is Emeriti lady, teacher and researcher who’s interested in educational technology and board games. Holding Master of Arts and Creative Education, Manchester University of Salford, UK. 2016 and a bachelor’s degree teaching License English Language concentration from UAE University in year 2010.

I guess I've always really wanted to create an interesting and entertaining tool to be used in classroom or under an educational context. I’ve always been thinking how to use the games in education especially in my classroom to help in either to warm up the class, deliver the information or assess the students learning outcomes in an unfamiliar way.

I used to spend hours attempting to make board games, card games or whatever I saw in my head in games like Uno, Monopoly, Ludo, and make similar games with different concept etc... I'm also interested in integrating innovative technology in these old board games to make it easier, faster and measurable tool if possible.

Someday I want to be an educational board game maker that my games can be used and seen in public and privet schools. But until that day I'm happy to experiment, go through new adventure, meet new and many experts and specialists from various fields as well as try novel different ideas.