project development

Fab academy 2018
fablab uae

● My proposal for the Final Project for Fab Academy 2018, is to make
an Interactive Table Lamp.

● I'll be using the analog microphone sensor to record the sound which will be the source from a musical instrument or a speaker and convert those differential sound frequencies into some sort of pattern for the LED strip to present different colors, levels of brightness according to the data it receives through the input mic.

● My responsibility was to communicate my project concept to my instructor and discuss how it would help me express the skills I gained in the these 20 weeks.

● My instrustor explained me to consider all the essential parameters involved in the process before finalzing the final project and also to regulary document this particular page for all the tests, plans and work I'll be doing towards the final product. This helps me understand my progress towards it.

Material & Resources

● The following musical instrument , Indonesian Kalimba is what I am thinking of using to control the LED's. Looks like a cute little instrument and sounds sweet as well.

● The Knowles SPU0414HR5H-SB-7 sensor Analog Microphone was used for testing but the Sparkfun Sound detector was being used as the final input drvice week and to record the sound from the source, which can be the above instrument.

● And the following Adafruit Neopixel LED will be used as the output device which shall be connected to the mic and programmed in such a way that the LED responds to the recorded sound of the mic.

● The 12mm transparent Acrylic will be used to produce the spines of the lamp which were made in wood before for my Week 08 shopbot assignment. I changed my mind on using the transparent acrylic, which will make the LED lights look better in the combination with them to reflect and showcase the same.

● Although, I shall still be using the shopbot and the 12mm Plywood to cut the top and bottom base for the lamp as I have tested the slot joint for the wood and acrylic and it fits perfectly fine. Also Wendy recommended me to do the same, because the acrylic fitting in to each other makes it more brittle and it's always good to use diversified materials for the final project and work on the shopbot again.

● The below images shows the full set of components and material, Wendy asked me to do that which was quite helpful and I just got most of the parts which will be used and put them all together just to understand the placement and integration of the components, so I played around a bit with all.

progress report

● My priority is to achieve the final design prototype with the correct provision and dimension to fit the 3d Printed component for the PCB to fit in, create pathways for the LED and the wire connections, also to see the looks of the lamp and the final integrated outcome.

● After the final body of the lamp is ready, I wish to work on my PCB for the next couple of days and program the board so that I can move forward to 3D Print the component which shall arrest the PCB into it and that component will be placed in the lamp.

● Personally this week resulted in a lot of progress in terms of getting to know what are the aspects of the project development and where to start with along with spiral development and good progress rate.