Final Project - Origins

Generative FabLab Collective Knitting: a piece of work


All started with a blanket of four squares, 50 x 50 cm each, a project born with Viva Vittoria, in Brescia, Italy, two years before, and in 2017, in Verona, for the Women's Day on March 8th, named Viva Vittoria Verona, the project I followed.

I took part to this project, because I quickly understood that I wanted to create my own square with other women.

We created different projects inside the Viva Vittoria Verona project. Among them,

Being in touch with women of any age, I soon realized how the knitting works were quite traditional.

I decided to promote Verona FabLab,

  1. adding some 3D printing pieces, laser-cut and CNC-carved wood pieces, ventilators, on an Aran pattern wool square, I knitted;
  2. publishing the work in progress online to a local Facebook page, I co-created a few years before, called Promenade Verona.

I found the Viva Vittoria project very important for women. It is an opportunity for them to talk about their own life, while co-creating assembled blankets from single knitted squares, mostly hand-made, and co-organizing a final temporary exhibition.

Square 50x50cm Verona FabLab 2017 Square 50x50cm Verona FabLab 2017

Now, after another year, and

I understand how people who have knowledge on both consciousness and digital technology, can help people from those two fields to connect, and contribute altogether to the development of the world, as a place worth living in. The reason why I decided to apply to the Fab Academy 2018 program, for learning more about digital fabrication.

Origin of the name Generative FabLab Collective Knitting

I added the adjective generative, thinking to the generative listening practice and tool, we use in the u.lab course, following Otto Scharmer's method Theory U, which is "listening, connecting to the emerging future - to a future possibility that links to our emerging self; to who we really are". This Generative FabLab Collective Knitting project could be collectively generative and transformative for 21st Century humans, we are all of us.

Final Project - Concept