Catherine Blanchard

Fab Academy 2018

Blanket Catherine Blanchard at Verona FabLab for Viva Vittoria VeronaMy final project (work in progress)

You see this blanket with wearable technology? I created it in Winter 2016 during the Viva Vittoria Verona project, thanks to an Aran pattern, Brogna sheep's wool, and pieces I collected at Verona FabLab, and at an electronics market. Now I enrolled in the Fab Academy 2018 to learn how to build every piece I found, to teach them mainly to girls and women in the geographical area of Verona, Italy! What a challenge for me!

About me

As a woman, mother, cross-sector leader, I am interested in humans, arts and sciences, with love. I inherited a passion for social innovation from my parents, and networking from my mother. Now I would like to live the passions of my father and his family as engineers, enrolling in the Fab Academy 2018 program.

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My Labs

I am one of the many Founders who contributed to the birth of Verona FabLab in 2014, and a member of the board. Today, I am working with others for the creation of another Fab Lab in the South of Verona, and soon, we want, at the University of Verona.

From January to June 2018, I follow the Fab Academy 2018 program at the nearest Fab Academy node: Opendot Fab Lab in Milan.

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My Final Project (work in progress)

As I planned and skeched it at the beginning of the course, I am curious to see its evolution over the weeks.

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