Wildcard Week

Tasks of the week

Individual Assignment.

  • Read the safety data sheet (SDS) and technical data sheet (TDS) for the resins that you're using.
  • Design and fabricate a 3D mold (~ft2) and produce a fiber composite part in it, with resin infusion and compaction.
  • Group Assignment

  • produce test coupons for your composite fabrication process(es).
  • Individual Task

    In this week we have many options to work on that, for example: Composites, Textiles, Biotechnology, Robotics, and Cooking. I choose the first one that is Composites. In composites, the individual task is to Read the safety data sheet and technical data sheet for the resin which we are intending to use. And, also this task includes designing and fabriicating a 3D mold and produce a fiber composite part in, with resin infusion and compaction.

    The theme of this assignment is to be aware about the basics of composites.Composites, as its name suggests that its the combination of two or more things/materials which makes something new by combining/joining them. In this case, the output material is strong material. The epoxy resin which I used in my this assignment, was bought locally from the market. The epoxy which we are using in our lab is:

    Safety precautions:

    Hazards Identifications: Category/Scale Comments Precautions
    Skin Irritation Moderate May cause skin irritation Use gloves in hands, and try to wear tight clothes
    Eye Irritation Ver High Causes serious eye irritation Use safety transparent glasses
    Other Precautions
    Avoid breathing its dust, gas or spray
    Avoid smelling it
    Wash hands thoroughly after using it
    Dispose the container in which two parts mixed
    If skin irritation occurs: Get medical advice
    Technical specifications:
    Specifications: Values
    Mixing Ratio 1:2
    Life after Mixing 20 minutes
    Drying Time 12 to 18 hours

    3D designing of the mold:
    Composite making process started with the designing of 3D model. I decided to design a star fish for this task, so by using Rhino 3D, I prepared its 3D model.

    Here 3D model is ready

    Now, It is the time to generate toolpaths in Vcarve for files for shopbot machine. I Generated two files, one for 'roughing' and one for 'finishing'.

    Preview for roughing and finishing

    Roughing and finishing on pink foam

    Going towards final destination

    Making Composite: