Applications and Implications

Task: Propose a final project masterpiece that integrates the range of units covered.

Answer the following questions

What will I do?

I want to make a device for performing the digital logic tasks. It is small in size, capable to perform basic tasks of digital logic design. It includes an LCD which displays the tasks to be performed, and a rotary encoder which changes the tasks according to the user's will. Four input switches and two output LEDs. It looks smart in size and easy interface to learn the basic logics of digital design.

Who has done what beforehand?

There are Trainer kits and modules are not new things. Every technical and engineering educational institutes have such type of devices where students perform their lab tasks. Actually there are so many companies which are providing trainer kits for Digital Logic Design, but most of them are focusing on conventional method of learning the tasks. Here I am providing few well known companies which are providing trainer kits to the various educational institutes of the world.
Tesca Technologies pvt ltd
K & H Manufacturing Company Limited

What will you design?

I will design a small size trainer kit for performing the lab tasks of basic logic gates. Its interface helps students to learn the things easily. It is capable to perform as much logic gates which comprises of maximum four inputs and maximum two outputs. I used atmega 32U4 board (arduino Leonardo) which is programmable by the user.

What materials and components will be used?

Where will come from?

I took most of the components from the inventory of our FabLab. Including Acrylic sheet. I used milky acrylic sheet of 3mm width. Atmega32u4 Microcontroller, and Rotary encoder were not in our FabLab's inventory, so I took them from my university's lab incharge.

How much will they cast?

Components (Quantity of components)*
(Price of components in USD)
Total Price in USD
16X2 LCD 1*2 $2
Rotary encoder 1*1.3 $1.3
PLA 3D printed material (100 g) 1*2.3 $2.3
Acrylic sheet 1*0.5 $0.5
Atmega32U4 microcontroller 1*4.7 $4.7
LEDs 10*0.1 $1
Resistors ~20*0.1 $2
Capacitors ~10*0.1 $1
SPDT slider switches 4*0.8 $ 3.2
Total Cost $ 18

What parts and systems will be made?

What processes will be used?

What questions need to be answered?

How will it be evaluated?

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