About me

Hi! My name is Hafey Viktoría Hallgrímsdóttir scroll down to learn more about me.

I am a 27 year old girl from the north of Iceland and have worked at Fab Lab Reykjavík for the last four years.


I finished upper secondary school in innovation and technology at FNV in Sauðárkrókur a small town in the north. I am currently studying Business with emphasis on project management in the University of Bifröst.

My work at Fab Lab Reykjavík

As some of you can imagine working at a Fab Lab my work changes a lot from day to day, but in short I help people who come in with there ideas or projects, I teach teachers, I make learning materials and handle introduction visits.

Something more personal

I have a very alternative style, I just consider myself goth but there are of course a lot of categories of goth but I am a blend of a few so I just say goth. I have done some preforming over the years as a drag king named Damien Side (sounds like demon inside) but am taking a little bit of a brake from that at the moment. I love taking things and altering them to make them more personal, every thing looking the same is no fun and that is kind of how I got into Fab Lab, I took a class and saw the opportunity to make usual things unique and from that I started making personalized gifts, I already loved gift giving but learning how to use the Fab Lab took that to another level.

I've always been into costume making and the costumes have only gotten more intresting after I've started working at Fab Lab.

Halloween through the years


3rd place at Halloween Iceland


1st place at Halloween Iceland


No competition because of covid but still made a costume.


1st place at Halloween Iceland

Student agreement

**Fab Academy Student Agreement**

*The Fab Academy is responsible for:*

- Teaching principles and practices of digital fabrication
- Arranging lectures, recitations, meetings, and events for the class
- Evaluating and providing feedback on student work
- Offering clear standards for completing assignments
- Certifying and archiving student progress
- Supervising class preparation
- Reviewing prospective students, instructors, and labs
- Providing central staff and infrastructure for students, instructors, and labs
- Fund-raising for costs not covered by student tuition
- Managing and reporting on the program's finances, results, and impacts
- Publicizing the program
- Promoting a respectful environment free of harassment and discrimination
- Encourage a diverse, accessible, and equitable community

*I am a Fab Academy student, responsible
- Attending class lectures and participating in reviews
- Developing and documenting projects assigned to introduce and demonstrate skills
- Allowing the Fab Academy to share my work (with attribution) in the class for purposes compatible with its mission
- Honestly reporting on my work, and appropriately attributing the work of others (both human and machine)
- Working safely
- Leaving workspaces in the same (or better) condition than I found them
- Participating in the upkeep of my lab
- Ensuring that my tuition for local and central class costs is covered
- Following locally applicable health and safety guidance
- Promoting a respectful environment free of harassment and discrimination

Signed by committing this file in my repository,
Hafey Viktoría Hallgrímsdóttir