About Me

Paola Zanchetta


Hola 🌸

Nice to e-meet you! My name is Paola Zanchetta, you can also call me Letta. 😉

I’m a half Spanish - half Italian multidisciplinary designer based in Amsterdam. I moved to the Netherlands inspired by the countries forward-thinking design scene, shaped by the current social and environmental context. Here I found a meeting point between my personal & professional values & interests.

My passion for sustainability and design made me get in contact with Fiction Factory - North Amsterdam. Here I have been researching recycled plastics, experimenting with the Precious Plastic machines, and developing new circular funky products during the past months!

As a result of what I learned during my Industrial Design career, my professional purpose is to bring new collaborative concepts approached by the social and the environmental context.

An example of my previous work is Tamaragua.My thesis project related to the Precious Plastic Initiative in the Canaria Islands.


Tamaragua is a toy & a tool for both kids and adults. Users can clean the beach from small plastic debris while playing with the sand.

Its main parts are the ones that can be found in kid’s beach toys, which are the same ones needed to collect small debris in the sand:

Tamaragua concept was born to provide people the tool needed to enhance their individual awareness vs. the collective awareness about the plastic problem in socie- ty.

Precious Plastic Injection Machine


Precious Plastic Extruder Machine


Why FabAcademy?

I find a big interest in the distributive economy. It is amazing thinking about how the same resources can convert into completely different results depending on where they are, and who is using them.

Out of my previous experience within the Precious Plastic initiative, I wanted to keep growing as an industrial designer enrolling myself in projects approached from the same methodology. In the Fab Academy I found both the hands-on learning experience which I’m looking for and the social / community approach which makes it a learning practice rich and unique.

What I am looking for?

I enrolled in the Fab Academy looking for an opportunity to learn how to make real my ideas and challenge myself in this field - especially in the electronics one ;)

I look to go more deeply about my digital fabrication knowledge, approaching all the projects from a sustainable point of view.

As an Industrial Designer, I find a big interest in materials (specially bio-materials) and processes, so I want to use this experience to develop my final project related to both of them.

Resume 🧮

Working experience 👩🏼‍🔧

Fiction Factory, Amsterdam, October 2021 - January 2022

Sustainable & Circular construction company. Part-time voluntary working with the Precious Plastic machines:

Totem, Madrid, September 2020, Present

Totem is an innovative jewerly company based in Madrid. Currently working as Product Manager:

Disolventes Studio, Madrid, January - August, 2020

Academic intership as Product Designer inside the Disolventes’ product and branding studio:

Chichifree #Emprende14, Madrid, October, 2019

Slow Fashion project started with a friend in 2018:

1st. Prize in the #Emprende24 contest: “Entrepreneurship Project with greater technical, economic, and financial viability”. [Chichifree’s](webside: https://www.chichifree.es)

Etsidi Design, Madrid, 2015/2020

Student design association that is part of the Polytechnic University of Madrid:

Education 🧠

Polytechnic University of Madrid, Spain 2015/2020

KU Leuven University, Belgium 2018/2019

Liceo Italiano di Madrid, Spain 2000/2015

Certifications 📃

TU Delft, Netherlands, November, 2018

University of Twente, Netherlands August, 2017