Welcome to the Dassault Systemes Fab Lab 2022 Fab Academy Site.


These are the students at Dassault Lab this year:

Alethea Campbell

Janet Hollingsworth

Justin Duffy


We have two local instructors in the Dassault lab for the 2022 cycle.

Spencer Mewherter

Luciano Betoldi

Our Lab

We are participating in the Fab Academy cycle through our local Node at the Dassault Systemes 3D Experience Fab Lab in Waltham, MA, USA.

Machine Week Group Documentation

link Here!


Our node keeps a google calendar with important dates and links. Please see below:

Local Recordings

Prior Years

This is our fifth cycle participating in Fab Academy. You can find prior years here: * 2020 * 2020 * 2019 * 2018