Principles and Practices

Week one.

This week assignment is to plan and sketch a potential final project.For the final project idea, I really enjoy thinking of new creative ideas such as Hydraulic lift, push machine and Foldable electronic Outdoor Trolley. Most of the people will use my projects in several places such as desert, shopping, and trips.

Hydraulic Lift and Push Machine

As we know most of the landscape of UAE is formed by sandy desert patterns which makes it a perfect destination to enjoy a Desert Safari in the best possible way to have amazing and exciting experience. One of the experiences that you will get from riding 4x4 vehicle is a sticky situation in the sand while you are having a self-drive desert safari. The machine will lift the wheel and push the car by using High Quality Horizontal Hydraulic Jack and engine to push the car.

Foldable Electronic Outdoor Trolley

The trolley will design to provides transferring heavy staff with heavy duty wheels, the design of the wheels can suit different road surfaces such as land and sand. Telescoping handle provides an easy control on most landscapes and can be adjusted height and adapted to the different height. Use "Sensors" and an infrared system in the trolly. The user of the trolly wears a bracelet around his hand, to enable the bag to follow him. The user can control the movement of the trolly through an application on the mobile phone that includes making commands, including "Follow me" and "Stop”

  • finaly i decid to do
  • 3D Design of Food Printing Machine

  • I decided to make a 3D food printing machine because I love food and I also I love the Quality in Services.
  • It will help the best organizations in the world to achive the world growth and development.
  • The 3D food printing technique is to make things better and it is useful in manufacturing food products with customisation in shape, colour, flavour, texture, and nutrition.
  • It can give the people individual needs and preferences.
  • I Plan and sketch a potential final project.
  • Plan

    The project will consist of three main parts:

  • Mechanical Design
  • Electronics Design
  • Software Design
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