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4. Computer controlled cutting

This week, we learn about computer-controlled cutting, including the use of laser and vinyl cutters.


Vinyl Cutter

with mdf

with acrylic plastic

light/shadow tests


laser cut Cutter

Week Assignment

Vinyl Cutter

Machine: Roland CAMM-1 GS-24

make sure your machine is connected

then you need to load the roll

put the roll

select sheet type” roll” to insert

adjust roll


after preparing my 2D design

make sure the vector is not fill

line weight

print it using 60 force and get machine settings

blade adjustment

Cutting blade: The cutting blade ought to be sharp to have a quality cut. You’ll be able thrust the blade from the back conclusion of blade holder to check the blade condition. To calibrate the edge, we turned the blade holder cap and tried the edge tip by finger. A great calibration is once you scarcely feel the blade by finger. The edge holder then placed into edge carriage. Make beyond any doubt that the circular edge within the blade holder is in its right put and held by the metal portion as appeared within the most right picture underneath. The picture in center appears a off-base arrangement of the edge. Tight the holder screw to hold the blade holder immovably.


then start printing


and wait


100 million hours later


100 million hours later

I USED tap to move to the mdf tile

also on acrylic plastic

Laser cut

Machine : trotec speedy 400

Planning drawing in Inkscape: The same rule applies to any program of your preference. After completing your 2D show, spare it as dxf record arrange and open in Inkscape. In the event that you have got rehashed cuts for the same question, as it were moment one parent question and afterward use the “Duplicate” command in Inkscape to form more copies. The Laser machine recognizes cutting settings by colors characterizes in a see up table interior the machine program. For case, anything in Ruddy (RGB = 255, 0, 0) will be cut/engraved utilizing Control = 80.00, Speed = 1.00, Recurrence = 5000 and Passes = 1. After bringing in dxf file to Inkscape, question colors were changed to coordinate with colors within the see up table. For raster, we doled out fill colors to coordinate with the colors in table (for illustration Dark or orange). For diagram etching we alloted the question stroke color to etching color without filling the question (for illustration Dark or orange). For cutting, we alloted the line color to cutting color (Ruddy in our case) and line st


I drew the patter using fusion 360 witch will give me the option to change the parameters during testing.

as you can see I adjusted X to equal 60

then I can Change it

when you change it every line will change accordingly.

also I tried to do living hinges on AutoCAD after exporting dxf file

auto cad is not very parametric but if you are use to it you can use the align tool which will make it parametric


Group Assignment

kerf and joint tests

A laser cutter’s light beam burns narrow slots in sheet material to form parts and interior features. The width of the slot is called the kerf.

Designing kerf analysis test

download files

download files1 download files1 download files

Last update: July 4, 2021