The tool

The tool itself is a mechanism to hit the other machines buttons. So we designed a tool to attach to the common base.

We started by designing a 3d sketch of it in Rhinoceros

The operation, consists on a motor that rotates a wheel with hands through a closed rubber belt. The motor is fixed to the base with a support that allows to tense the belt

Then we started the proccess of defining all the pieces in order to send them to cut.


After we have everything clear and tested, we cut the pieces for the tool:

The result was good, and it did its work smoothly as it can be seen in the final video.


Name Description Quantity
Belts GT2 Closed Loop Timing Belt 400mm rubber synchronous belt 1
Pulley GT2 Pulley 20 Teeth 6mm Timing Belt Pulley Wheel Aluminum 2
Nylon bearing BNL Ball Bearing, Radial, AC6000Z-ISB / 4N / D 2
Acrylic arms Laser-cut acrylic arms 6mm 2
Printed support holder 3D printed arm holder 2
Screws Lorem ipsum n
Stepper motor Lorem ipsum 1
Printed motor holder 3D printed motor holder 1


STL for the battery holder
STL for the button support
STL for the motor support
STL for the tool support to the base
Rhino files for the laser cutter