This project is an open-hardware variant of the USB rubber ducky concept from Hak5. It is nothing more than a SAMD21E17 with an SD card attached. With the right firmware, it can be used as a keyboard injection attack tool, reading standard rubber ducky commands from the SD card.





The board can be milled with a 1/64” (0.4 mm) flat end mill.

All components are SMD, the only holes are for sturdiness of the USB-A connector:

I like to apply chemical tinning on my boards to prevent them from rusting. An alternating is nail polish after soldering and testing all components. Here is the board before tinning:

And after:

Components can be soldered in around 15 minutes.

A quick check with backlight lets me verify that there is no unwanted solder bridges.

The board is ready and can be used as any USB stick.


Coming soon!


This project is provided under the MIT License.