Final project : presentation


My final project is a photogrammetry 3D scanner based on an ESP32-cam module. The challenge is to move the camera automatically around object being scanned.

For this purpose, an arc motion system was developed using a stepper motor and a custom gear rack. The object is placed on a turntable moving with the use of a second stepper motor, with continuous 360° motion. An LED strip is lighting the object from all sides, and is connected to an NMOS transistor for dimming.

The ESP32 firmware features a WiFi web server allowing the machine to be used through any web browser. A Python interface is also proposed to automate the capture of several pictures in a sequence. Results of photogrammetry scans with Meshroom showed an accuracy of around 2 millimeters with everyday life objects.

Presentation slide

Presentation video

To find more about the project, please see the project development page