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Farhan Ali Shah

I have done Bachlors of Engineering in Electrical Engineering majors in Electronics from Sukkur IBA University, Pakistan. currently I am doing Masters of Engineering in Electronics and Communication(Robotics) from Sukkur IBA University and I am Working as Research Assistant- Robotics and Automation at Department of Electrical Engineer, Sukkur IBA University


  • BE-Electrical Engineering
    Specialization: Electronics
    Year : 2013-2017

  • ME-Electronics And Communication
    Specialization: Robotics
    Year: 2017-till now

Work Experience

  • Post: Research Assistant- Robotics and Automation
    Duration: April 2019-till-date
    Organization: Dept. of Electrical Engineering, Sukkur IBA University

  • Post: Visiting faculty
    Duration: Feb, 2018-June, 2018
    Organization: Dept. of Electrical Engineering, Sukkur IBA University

  • Post: Internee
    Duration: July, 2017-Sept, 2017
    Organization: Nizam Energy Pvt. limited


Weekly assignment are listed below

Week 0

Principles and Practices

Week 1

Project Management

Week 2

Computer-Aided Design

Week 3

Computer-Controlled Cutting

Week 4

Electronics Production

Week 5

3D Scanning and Printing

Week 6

Electronics Design

Week 7

Computer-Controlled Machining

Week 8

Embedded Programming

Week 9

Input Devices

Week 10

Applications And Implications

Week 11

Output Devices

Week 12

Interface And Application Programming

Week 13

Invention, Intellectual Property, And Income

Week 14

Networking And Communications

Week 15

Molding and Casting

Week 16

Wildcard Week

Week 17

Mechanical Design, Machine Design

Week 18

Project Development

Final Project

  • Concept of Final Project

    Click here-->>

  • Final Project

    <<--Click here

Summary Slide of Final Project


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Engr. Farhan Ali Shah

Email: farhan.shah@iba-suk.edu.pk

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