About Me

I am Faisal Ul Rehman From Pakistan, I did My Bachelor's In Electronics Engineering From Sukkur IBA University in 2017. I love to Design and Research, being a Researcher and a Technologist, My Area of Research is Electronics System Design, Embedded Engineering, Circuit Design, Bio-Electronics, Bio-Sensors, Water purification, Nano-Material Technology, Biomedical engineering and Mirco and nano Electronics.

Final Demo

My FAB LAB Instructors :

  • Engr.Fida Hussain Memon
  • Engr.Noor Ahmed Raza Pirwani
  • Engr.Rasheed Ahmed Qazi
  • Dr.Muhammad Asim Ali.
  • Engr.Sohail Ahmed Soomro
  • Lab Advisor :

  • Engr.Nadir Ali
  • Engr.Syed Farhan Ali Shah
  • Engr. Azmat Hussain
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    Contact: +92-345-6400452

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