week 13: invention, intellectual property and income


develop a plan for dissemination of your final project prepare drafts of your summary slide (presentation.png, 1920x1080) and video clip (presentation.mp4, 1080p HTML5, < ~minute, < ~10 MB) and put them in your root directory

disemination plan

first things first

Now i shall announce that i'm offically changing my first final project idea that i worked on week 1 of the fabacademy.

Being said that we may continue. you can click hereto go directly into my new final project idea.

disemination plan

as a worker on the FabLab queretaro i'm not planing to sell the idea of the smart curing station.

but don't like that any others may profit from this project as it's intended to be used as educative pourpuses only

rather that i'd like to share the experience of making your own curing station and tune it has you need.

so i decided to go with the creative commons licence

to apply that licence to your work you'll need to go to the browser and get into here and click on "share your work"

then click on the "get started" button.

if you can read this i messed up click on "get started"

i pick the beta version of the licence chooser because i found it more user friendly and informative

if you can read this i messed up click on "chooser beta"

then follow the steps to complete the selection of the licence you need.

if you can read this i messed up finishing the licencing form

after filling all the form you can paste the licence into your work.

like pasting a youtube video on the fabacademy site

Smart Curing Station by Luis Hernandez VegaCC BY-NC 4.0

if you can read this i messed up this is the licence i've created for this project

prepare drafts on the summary slide

if you can read this i messed up draft of the summary slide presentation video

this is supossed to be a practical presentation about my final project explaining it's functionabillity.

usually at this point in the academy. I should have roughly 1 prototype to show but due to the covid 19.

I haven't been in the facilities of the lab since mid february

Update 25/06/21

Since i've already finished the global presentation i'll push here a little briefing about what happened (go to project developement to read in detail)a what's going to happen with this project.

Ever since applications and implications week i've been working on how to use my very own project to inspire new projects on the fablab.

i've already told you that im working at Fablab Qurétaro as a tech Advisor (and hopefully future Fabacademy instructor)

And our Lab works within the Anahuac University therefore. This project will serve as a Model to teach little workshops on Electronics Design and manufacture.

To all of our local Anahuac Students as well as Fablab members.

Unfortunately i've had to rush myself in order to finish my final project and could not accomplish all of the inital goals to meet the final presentation.

To be Done.

  • burn the microcontroller with the 16Mhz oscillator.
  • include RX and TX ports to comunicate to a bluetooth module design of my own.
  • make use of a mobile application for android devices so i could had notifications on the go. when the machine finished a cycle.
  • What's next

    First i will put it up to use in our Fablab so we can cure all of the printings.

    Then i'll develop small workshops like ...

  • Electronics topics 101
  • ECAD Electronics Computer Aided design 101
  • Power supplies and how to make them
  • How to make your own Programable Developement Board
  • Until i finish the bluetooth conection and app interface deployment i can not design the "make your own GUI" workshop i've planned out.

    As i mentioned in other assignments i pretend to create my own content on this topics in my youtube chanel you can check it out HERE