WEEK 11: output devices


individual assignment

add an output device to a microcontroller board you've designed, and program it to do something

group assignment

HERE you can check what we did on this week group assignment

measure the power consumption of an output device

individual assignment

This assignment will have diferent sections


As i intend to use a dc motor with an MCU i don't wanna burn the microcontroler so i have to relevate the current from the micro to send the signals.

nothing fancy i just wanna to control on and off of a motor and measure it's power at full speed

so i used this dc motor from roboshop

i know all of the components on this board are pretty basic but i had to use my early years of electronics to make this.


basicly allow me to use an external power supply like a 9V batery to energize the relay coil.

and the samd11c only send pulses to a mosftet that make the function as a switch.



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v-carve pro 9.012

as always i used vcarvepro to generate the toolpaths so i don't waste time using mods.

srm-20 files

Vcarve Pro 9.012 File

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screenshot of the ide

*ino file

screenshot of the power supply

this is the power consumption of the motor

my final project has a lot of signals going in and out and i made my own input board aswell. because i'm no programmer.

i can't write some fancy code.

so i've tried to keepin' it simple

it's only a switch/case command that reads the value of the serial monitor and turns on and off a signal.

code that i used for this assignment

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Links and references

Arduino file

Eagle file

image to postprocess

file for the roland srm-20

Vcarve pro 9.012 file

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