Week 13: Applications and Implications

04/15/2019 - Stéphane Muller

This week we have to define the scope of our final project and develop a project plan.

It was hard to settle on a project, finding a fun and interesting idea with some challenges but not too hard either... but here it is! It also puts me in the mood for Avengers: Endgame :)

What will it do?

My final project will be a lamp, a replica of Iron Man's mark I arc reactor. It will have a proximity sensor and starting from approx. 10 cm away, the closer your hand gets, the brighter the light will be. You would also be able to fully turn it on or off just by making a quick wave at it from the same distance.

Who's done what beforehand?

There are a lot of websites from which you can buy replicas. However, they're all basic lamps. None have the feature I want to build into it.

What will you design?

I will design everything from A to Z: the arc reactor itself, the stand and the electronics.

What materials and components will be used?

Materials: Components:

Where will it come from?

Most of the materials and components can already be found in a lab. The proximity sensor will have to be ordered online.

How much will they cost?

Name Description Price
PLA filament for the prints It's a very small part of the lamp 2€
Copper wire 11 meters will be plenty 6.86€
Plywood 600x300mm 20€
ATTiny84 0.70€
MTCH101-I/OT Proximity sensor 0.33€
Voltage regulator 1€
N-Mosfet transistor 1€
LED strip Adressable RGB LEDs 14.99€

What parts and systems will be made?

I'll make everything, from top to bottom (the replica, the electronics, the stand).

What processes will be used?

What questions need to be answered?

I need to test the proximity sensor and the copper wire. If copper wire doesn't work I'll have to use metallic paint or copper in some other form.

How will it be evaluated?

Is it a good replica?

Since the goal is to make a replica of the arc reactor, it should look like the original in the movies as much as possible.

Can the lamp be turned on and off without touching it?

The lamp will be operated with gestures, without any touching thanks to the proximity sensor.

Project planning