Week one: Principles and Practices

My idea for my final project is to design and fabricate a boat made of bamboo using an electrical motor and seabins that allow to collect plastics in the sea, also i would like to use solar panels

First sketches

I'm thinking to build a small prototype because i have 6 months to do it, maybe i should make it bigger later. For the moment, i'm planning to buy a board of bamboo and design and use computer controlled cutting to fabricate the body of the boat.

What already exists?

Currently there are hybrid and electric boats, which allow the movement of people at sea, also some of these use solar energy and are already on sale, you can find some models here Boats.

There are also garbage collectors for the sea that work 24 hours a day, you can see more information about Seabin project

What will it do?

I will make a boat made of bamboo that moves using a DC motor and a propeller made by 3D printing in carbon fiber, the steering will be controlled by a servomotor, a microcontroller and a joystick, besides being used to move, I want the boat to have to the side garbage collectors to clean the plastics of the lagoons and lakes

Who will use it?

My intention is that people can use it to clean the lagoons and lakes of plastic garbage, perhaps the authorities in charge or volunteers. After finishing the prototype I would like to make a larger version that allows people to move around the sea, while collecting garbage, without contaminating with fuel.

What will be new?

The new thing would be the possibility of being able to move by the sea using non-polluting sources while collecting plastic waste from the oceans, lakes and lagoons.

Update: Bill of materials obtained of Week 13