About me

Hello, my name is Italo and i'm 22 years old.
I was born in Lima-Perú in January 28th. I just obtained my bachellor degree in Industrial Engineer in University of Lima.

I did my internship at the automation laboratory (CIM) of the university where i studied. I have always been interested in the development of new technology, and how this can solve problems in our society. For that reason, in my spare time i like to build prototypes using 3D printing and Arduino.

I was a member of CECATA's club. This club teaches different subjets such as Arduino, PLC, 3D modeling and printing, etc. With this knowledge, i was encouraged to participate in the national olympics of mechatronic where i was able to achieve the second place. Accordingly, im taking this course, to keep improving my knowledge about new technologies from around the world and create better solutions to everyday problems.

This is a project i worked for the time being in my internship

E-mail: [email protected]