Fab Academy 2015

How to make (almost) anything

Mariona A. Ciller


In love with STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Mathematics); the open web; and human-oriented, data-driven design. UX designer and front-end developer who loves information architecture; interface design; usability; typography; and hand coding with web standards. Tech & Science Event Curator & Organiser & Fab Lab Barcelona & Barcelona City Hall Collaborator.

I was born in Barcelona, Spain. Barcelona is located in the region of Catalonia historically known for it’s textile industry. Following the family tradition I joined my father and brother working at the textile factory that my grandfather had founded in 1947 during Franco’s dictatorship.

After two years tending to the knitting machines & printing fabrics, I came to the realization that working as a factory operator was a rather repetitive and monotonous task. Therefore, I moved to the United States to go back to school. I obtained a B.F.A in Communication Design & Art History. Followed by a grant to be a professor while pursuing my Master of Science in Prof. Media and Media Mgmt.

In 2003, while pursuing my B.F.A. I was hired by Evolution Multimedia, a multimedia and web development agency. There I translated my graphic design skills into the web medium. I remained with the company for 3 years while pursuing my B.F.A. At the end of 2006, I left Evolution Multimedia to start my own company Sixoneeight, L.L.C. While I cursed my Masters I was given a grant to be a professor at the journalism dept. There the Free Culture Project was born to bring to under priviledge teens at Boys & Girls Clubs Free Software workshops with the aim to to enable the Digital Native generation to become creators of culture and change the dynamic from passive consumers of mass media to active producers.

Final Project

The objective of my final project is to create a mini fab academy curriculum that a 7 yrs old can follow! The end result will be a robot built using all the modules of the fab academy curriculum. Therefore each module will be a step to the final goal. The list outlines all the steps in each of the processes. The documentantion will be written so it can be followed and compiled into a mini fab academy book that will be printed along with the sample robot for my son Ian Floyd Jones.

Robtito Designed by Ian F. Jones Robtito Designed by Ian F. Jones Robtito Designed by Ian F. Jones Robtito Designed by Ian F. Jones