Fab Academy 2015
How to make almost anything

Luis Peña Mendoza


    This is the page of Luis Peña Mendoza

    During the last years the desire to design and prototyping solutions led me to discover the FABLAB network. Since then I have a strong interest in digital fabrication and the possibility of developing products and projects for improving the people's life quality. I´ve found in digital fabrication the possibility of producing objects to trying to shorten the times and costs of production and enhancing the value of products. For these reasons, I'm following the Fab Academy 2015 program This course is based on MIT program: “How to make (almost) anything”, held by Neil Gershenfeld. The Academy offers an advanced education on digital fabrication, electronics and programming, through a network of students and tutors from all over the world. I am doing the Fab Academy 2015 at the center of innovation and technology development (Tecsup I+3D-FabLab) in Lima - Perú.

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